General Rule

General Rules

  •   Absence without prior notice is viewed seriously as 75% attendance is mandatory as per C.B.S.E norm to appear in the school final and C.B.S.E board examination. In case of absence for any reason the class teacher should be intimated in advance or as soon as possible from the 1st day.
  •   All the students should positively attend the classes on the closing and reopening day before and after any vacation.
  •   Absence due to sickness must be supported by a medical certificate for consideration.
  •   Students should maintain discipline in the school campus by their good manners and activities.
  •   They should not damage school property otherwise penalty will be charged.
  •   They should not bring any electrical gadgets, mobiles or any expensive item to the school.
  •   School will not be responsible if money is lost by the students as parents should come personally and deposit at the counter.
  •   While using library and labs the students should follow the rules displayed there.
  •   Use of two wheeler to commute to the school is not allowed by the school. Parents will be held responsible if any untoward incident happen.
  •   Students must converse in English in the school campus.
  •   Parents must give their correct mobile number in the admission form and to the class teacher for connecting to the school in case urgency.
  •   They should attend P.T.M when called without fail to know the progress of their ward.
  •   They are not allowed to take their ward back during school time. If it is urgent parents should come personally to collect or send an authorized person with application.
  •   They should co-operate in all the school activities for the betterment of their wards and should ensure regular attendance of their wards in the school
  •   They should deposit fees timely for better maintenance of the school. Otherwise fine will be charged if the due is for more than one month.c