School Profile

About The School

G & H High School is situated on H.B Road near B.I.T more, the locality is Gatalatu. The school is an English medium co-education school affiliated to Central Board of Secondary education (C.B.S.E) since 1990. The school has modern infra structural facilities such as spacious and well ventilated class rooms, rich library, well-equipped laboratory, playground smart classes. The area is free from noise and air pollution.

Our Aim

The aim of the school is to give sound education in order to develop the whole personality and providing best opportunity for mental, physical and spiritual growth of each child. Students are encouraged to become responsible and reliant and are taught to consider the needs of one another both in school and in larger communities which they belong. The basic of life in school is the daily assembly where a growing trust in God and love for him and for all men is developed. A high standard of behaviours is maintained.

Our Motto

"Strive For Excellence"